Week 1 – Web 2.0 & Convergence

4 Mar


Web 2.0 refers to places on the internet that provide the luxury of allowing users to express their views and ideas within a certain social network, the most popular being Facebook and YouTube. This is rather appealing to people as it allows the user to read and write rather than just read what is there. This may be a strong reason why the internet has become so much more popular than television and radio.

As future designers we will need to start thinking about the ways we can make the consumer more involved in the things we design online and not just making something look nice. Websites should be more than just an information source but somewhere consumers can give feedback and interact with the product.

Convergence is how the three C’s (Communications Networks, Computing Information Technology and Content) cross-over to form the World Wide Web. It also refers to how different types of information are being viewed on all types of technology as well as technology being used for things it wasn’t originally designed for e.g. phones being used for games and the internet. This will affect us as designers as we will not only be designing things on the internet for use at home on a computer but also for things like phones and iPads.


The knowledge that consumers want to express themselves is important to us as designers as it allows us to think of more creative ways to get them to interact with websites allowing them to create and give their opinions. Knowing what they are doing on which piece of technology will help us when designing an interactive website.


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