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Web 2.0

17 Mar


Web 2.0 refers to places on the internet that provide the luxury of allowing users to express their ideas through writing, photography, video and in any other way you can think of within a certain social network, the most popular being Facebook and YouTube. This is rather appealing to people as it allows the user to read and write rather than just read what is there.

 This very website we are using now is among the many websites considered as web 2.0 because its main focus allows users to express their ideas and opinions through their writing. It allows anyone to have a blog within the same network allowing people to search for and comment on what they want.

YouTube is a very popular website that allows anyone in the world to put their own video on the Internet. There are hundreds of different kinds of videos that can be uploaded to this website each expressing different opinions, emotions and talents. It allows users to comment on and rate any video they see (or 99.9 percent of them) and recommends videos based on the users’ history with the website. (click picture to go to my channel)

Flickr allows users to upload their photos, illustrations or pictures to the internet very much like YouTube allows users to upload videos to the internet. This site encourages people to upload any photo, design piece or picture they want to share with the world and also comment and rate on others they have seen. Users can also give out awards to express their fondness of the photograph or picture.